Vintage Handmade Pahāḍa Goat & Sheep's Bell Ornament from Himalayan Mountains of Nepal and Tibet;

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Our vintage, handmade Pahāḍa Bells come from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal and Tibet. Each bell is uniquely handcrafted to harness its own unique sound, allowing the animal's shepherd to know the individual whereabouts of each member of their flock.  

These bells are versatile!  Use them as Christmas ornaments, adorn a wreath or even as a wind chime.  Use your imagination - the possibilities are endless.

Bell Size: 3.5" x 3"

Strap: 4" drop and 1" width

History of Pahāḍa Shepherd's Bells:
- This smaller sized bell are worn by sheep and goats in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal
- Handcrafted in the same fashion for over 1,000 years
- Metal is hammered and soldered by hand.
- Bells are then coated in yak butter and fired in a basin for 1-3 days. This firing technique ages the metal and creates a unique sound.
- A piece of metal or petrified wood is then attached to the center of the bell providing an individualized pitch that allows the shepherd to know the sound of each animal in its care.
- Shepherds then adorn the bells with a handwoven strap that is comfortably tied around their animals' necks.
- Bells Available in Small.

Hand-dyed and Woven Pahāḍa Bell Straps
- Straps are handwoven for us by a community of women in Western Nepal.
- The custom-sized strap is 8 inches long and has a 4 in. drop 

Creative Ways to use Vintage Pahāḍa Bells:
- Wall or home decor
- Adorning a wreath
- Wind chimes
- Christmas Ornament
- Meditation or Sound Therapy

About our Manufacturing Process:
Handmade in Nepal. Each bell and strap is lovingly hand-crafted by men and women of underprivileged communities in ethical working conditions. These bells are made by a team of Tibetan refugees living in Nepal.  We provide fair wages for their work and abide by all Fair Trade guidelines.

For more information, please refer to our Yarn Guide and Product Care Tips.

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