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Chief Hustler

Lisa Weaver is a purveyor of international design (and an international woman of mystery). The daughter of a philanthropic interior designer and contractor, Lisa had exposure to building and design from a young age. As a child, she personally took apart and somewhat-put-back-together numerous pieces of furniture, which her parents greatly appreciated. She's now a self-proclaimed "tool hoarder, tinkerer, widget manipulator and crafty nature lover." After numerous whirlwind love affairs (just kidding!) Lisa worked internationally with well-known beauty and esthetic brands for over 15 years. But the best part of traveling for work was learning about different cultures and communities. Lisa would always bring back treasures from her travels for her own space (her home is filled with trinkets from India, Bali, Tibet, Thailand, Ukraine and so on.) These include a yak-hair rug, a lamp shaped like the Taj Mahal, and a copper teapot that supposedly brings love into your life when you brew tea! Soon, her friends asked her to design their homes too, and before she knew it, Lisa was working professionally as an interior designer, uniquely inspired by the international. To further develop her skills, she enrolled in a trade school and took classes in furniture upholstery, sewing and building. Finally, she was back to her roots of creative innovation! Lisa's specialty became beautiful, functional spaces (she does a lot of Airbnb properties). In 2020, Lisa ordered a blanket online from a Ukrainian weaver for her bedroom. When it arrived, she was so impressed by the craftsmanship that she immediately started up a friendship with the artisan (the OG Olesya). That friendship blossomed into a partnership, and H&B was born. Lisa founded H&B to combine her lifelong goals of helping women around the globe, preserving traditional crafts, and supporting communities with ethical business practices. She still has that first purchased blanket at the foot of her bed, a reminder of all that H&B has accomplished and will continue to accomplish with your support!


Chief Blusher

Mariella Scott was born in Italy and raised in Southern California. Her childhood was problematic, only in that her Italian soul needed carbs and gluten, and Californians actively shunned them. Growing up, Mariella was inspired by classic beauty icons like Sofia Loren and Cindy Crawford. Ever since stepping into a department store cosmetics section as a child, she's loved the beauty industry. Her first beauty purchase (a matte Scarlatto lipstick by Borghese) left an indelible impression on her (as well as on her mother's good white towels). Mariella went on to work for Urban Decay, later becoming a consultant specializing in distribution/sales for beauty startups. Mariella met Lisa Weaver when she became the co-founder of the Dermovia "Lace Your Face" mask (Lisa was their international sales consultant). The two quickly became friends. Dermovia was a great success—including lots of press, launching at major department stores right out of the gate, and even an appearance on Shark Tank Season 9! In 2020, Mariella moved to Memphis with her husband. With a large space to decorate, she was in need of some design advice and called upon Lisa. She realized that many people must now be home more than ever, focusing on the beauty of their homes—Hustle & Blush sounded like the perfect solution. Mariella subscribes to the idea of "what goes around comes around," and that by giving back to communities, we all benefit. She is ecstatic to think of all the lives already touched by H&B, and all the positive vibes yet to come.