India Partners


We are partnering with a family owned carpet and weaving "Cluster" group in India. They call it a "Cluster" as they employ many people from small villages around their facility. Our partner, Shambhu, was raised in a very poor and humble family in which he was not afforded a secondary education (he only went through grade school). He had a dream of creating something, versus farming on the family plot.  His father sold their most precious possession - an ox - to make his son's dream of owning a loom, and making carpets, come true. 

Shambhu became quite good at weaving and began teaching local villagers his craft. Fast forward, and he has now been in business for over 40 years and employed a second generation in the artisanry. Weavers are paid a fair wage and given equitable working conditions. While Shambhu's team will be creating our rug line, we also partnered with him to make our hand-dyed linen drawstring bags that will encase our wool bed blankets.