Nepal Partners


Our Nepalese partner, Sunita, founded her company on one simple principle: create jobs for disenfranchised women who were considered un-hirable. You see, in Nepal, the belief is that women should be in the home. While this may work for many married women, there is a large and growing population of unwed mothers (due to husbands leaving, abuse, divorce, etc) and the financial burden of supporting their children becomes a crisis.

Sunita created her felt business over 10 years ago, with the mindset that she would focus on a product/industry that could employ and impact these women.

Her goal was to make eco-conscious, high quality products while providing lucrative work to vulnerable women in the greater Kathmandu area. She began with just a few women and now has hundreds of women working for her. She provides fair trade wages and has been given awards due to their investment in the workers' lives.

Translator & Operations Lead:


Dilip was raised in a family of fair means.  His father scraped together years' worth of savings to provide him a secondary education. Through school, he was afforded the opportunity to study in London for a short time.  There, Dilip learned English and was exposed to women in the same societal positions as men. This was a first for him! He had grown up in a culture where women were treated as second in class to men. 

Dilip began working with Sunita a few years ago and has found the mission of empowering women in Nepal to be one of great satisfaction.  He eagerly shares stories of lives changed by their work and has been instrumental in helping us create further impact in the market.