Product Care Tips

WOOL CARE INSTRUCTIONS  Washing your new wool blanket or bed covering is easy! Wool is hypoallergenic, repels water and moisture, and naturally odor and stain resistant (crease resistant, too), so it actually requires less washing than other materials. This means that caring for your wool creation is both simple and gentle on the planet. But when it is time to wash it, you can safely use a neutral or mild detergent in a washing machine on a cold or delicate setting (some machines have a convenient “wool” cycle)—or if you're feeling extra ambitious, hand washing in cold water is always an option. Lay flat to dry after washing, or tumble dry on the lowest dryer setting with our Fluff Ewe Dryer Balls to help speed things along.


WOOL STORAGE: To avoid moths, mold, dust and other wear and tear, here are some tips for storing your wool goods during the off-season.

Vacuum Packing, or sealing the item in an airtight bag, not only protects it but also creates a lot more space in your closet. (Shoes, anyone?) For extra credit, include a packet of silica crystals in the bag to ward off moisture.

Cloth Storage Bags Use 100% cotton or wool bags for safe storage.

Storage Bins are a great solution if you have the space. Silica gel sachets will help here, too.

Cedar Blocks/balls are great alternatives to mothballs because they work just as well but smell awesome. They also keep silverfish away.