Artisan Partners


We work in close partnership with each of our artisans to ensure our vision and their craft comes to life in an ethical manner. In each of the three current markets, we are working with entrepreneurs who are artists themselves, actively working to improve the industry’s future in their respective countries.


Artisan Partner Philosophy:  Our partners challenge the status quo by commanding higher wages for workers, providing healthy working conditions, reducing waste, bringing more women into the supply chain, and improving product quality by extending training on new and innovative techniques. Sharing in this long-term vision for the future of artisanry is vital to our H & B mission.

Working together: When not in the Covid-verse, we work side-by-side with our partners, where we develop new designs, refine techniques, problem solve for wastage, and deepen our appreciation of each other’s daily challenges and triumphs, person-to-person. We're proud to be a part of an international movement towards increasing awareness on the process behind the products - and the people. The people are everything.

Wages: We pay our partners fair and timely wages. Compensation is based on a livable wage and follows fair trade guidelines. That said, we often pay higher than fair trade rates, as in Ukraine. When enlightened as to what is truly a livable income, we agreed to a wage increase so your products can be produced by happy weavers.

Working Conditions: Workspaces are clean, healthy workspaces with clear Covid safety measures and guidelines in place.

Up-cycling: Our partners up-cycle fabric, yarn and other waste scraps to use in making alternate goods. For instance, our partner in India makes masks, trivets and art out of pieces from carpets, etc.

Community Impact: In addition to supporting local non-profit initiatives, we are seeking to partner with our artisans to creatively educate the next generation who will produce the unique crafts we create. In many cases, the artisanal works are becoming obsolete.  Handmade goods often do not provide a sustainable income so younger generations opt for a more "modern" career path. We are passionate about keeping these artistic methods around.  We are currently creating a weaving class that will be implemented at a special needs school for young adults in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine. It is our desire to provide some of these adults with a loom and work, should they enjoy the weaving process and want to do it for pay. It's a creative way to keep the artistry alive while also providing fair-paying jobs to an often overlooked group of viable workers.