Chitki (Crisp) Wool Rug / Wall Hanging + Wood Hanger ($240 value)

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Clean, crisp and bright. This simplistic yet detailed work of woven magic is sure to add a layer of texture and lightness to wherever you choose to don it. Our Chitki rug is neutral in tone and can be coupled with a multitude of other items in the collection. Enjoy using your imagination to put your own unique decorative spin.

And you can be confidant about your purchase, too! We've partnered with an eco-friendly mill that sources old growth, fallen trees in Western Canada and Washington. They clear them from the forest in order to replant saplings. Gorgeous for your home and good for the planet, too. I'd say it's a win-win.

Ever heard of Western Hemlock? We hadn't either. Here are a few fun facts:

Hemlock is extremely common in the western parts of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. It's a versatile wood that is popular in construction applications, while it's workability and smooth, straight grain also give it value in industrial and finishing applications. Western Hemlock is one of the most valuable sources of exportable lumber for Canada; the species is also the state tree of Washington.

Note: Expect hangers to have a slight difference in appearance due to the natural striations in each unique piece of wood we use.

Arrives to you complete on a 24" Hemlock Wood Rug Hanger.

For more information, please refer to our Yarn Guide and Product Care Tips.

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