School Boy Mouse

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Our handmade school boy mouse is precious.  He has the most adorable face and pink nose and is poised in a hand-woven blue sweater with a crossbody book bag.  His legs and arms can move, as well.

Ornament dimensions are approximately 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

Our artisan Christmas ornaments and garland are made from some of the finest wool in the world, sourced sustainably from happy New Zealand sheep. These sheep graze in outdoor pastures year round, cared for by skillful farmers who use pain-and-cruelty-free shearing practices that keep the sheep healthy and comfortable. New Zealand also prohibits exporting sheep out of the country, so these cuties get to hang out in their home pastures their entire lives, donating their excess wool for us to enjoy. Thanks, guys!

Made in Nepal, supporting their economy. Each ball is lovingly hand-felted by women of underprivileged communities in Nepal in ethical working conditions. We provide fair wages for their work.

For more information, please refer to our Yarn Guide and Product Care Tips.

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