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Zhyzha (Zig Zag) XL Handwoven Carpathian Wool & Plum and Rose Colored Italian Velvet Stocking

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Our Zyhzah (Zig Zag) XXL Stocking series features 4 unique designs. Each is a one-of-a-kind work and the only one available this holiday season. Rich Italian velvet hues in Plum and/or Rose accompany a piece of hand-woven Ukranian wool blanket.

The Carpathian wool woven zig-zag design is executed on a centuries old loom in Ukraine. The technique is a very time consuming, ancient weaving artistry that is used to make our statement blankets and bed/couch runners. We've adapted these artisanal works to adorn your holiday treasures and create a textured and unique piece for your home.

The complementary Plum and rose-colored Italian velvet enhances the richness of the piece, making it an impactful statement. We use high-end upholstery velvet so our stockings are sturdy and meant to be memorable holiday pieces for years to come. The velvet has a luxurious sheen and truly elevates each piece.  The overall combination is unexpected and incredibly full of texture, while the color assortment is indelibly rich.

Dimensions: 12" x 21"

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