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Svitlo (Light) XL Handwoven Carpathian Wool & Eggplant Colored Italian Velvet Stocking

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The Svitlo (Light) XL Stocking in Eggplant is as royal in tone as it is in experience. It's truly luxury sewn into a stocking, if we do say so... The top section is constructed of a handwoven Ukranian wool rug that features a unique star insignia. This historical Carpathian Mountain emblem dates back hundreds of years, signifying light and life. Eggplant-hued Italian velvet up-levels the the noble color combination used in the woven star.

The top portion is woven with Carpathian wool in Ukraine. The technique is a very time consuming, ancient weaving artistry that is used in our table runners, rugs and pillows.  We've adapted these artisanal works to adorn your holiday treasures.

The boot features a Cider-colored, high-end, upholstery-grade velvet so it's as sturdy and as it is sleek (and Santa can pack it chock-full of goodies).

This handwoven piece expresses luxury with the clean and intricate wool trim enhancing the plush feel of the velvet beneath, yet could also skew rustic if combined with the right holiday backdrop.

Please note that we keep limited stocking inventory on hand. So get yours soon, before we are out!

Dimensions: 10" x 21"

For more information, please refer to our Yarn Guide and Product Care Tips.

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